Design / Development

After sprucing up the user interface for their software, Dev2 asked us to re-design their one page website and blog.

"Absolutely love our new website designed and built by Nic. It showcases great UX and gets our message across clearly."

Wallis Watt



A long hard look at Dev2’s old website told us that it didn’t engage the user because it lacked a consistent style of topography, colour and imagery. The website also didn’t respond down to mobile. Oh, the horror. Dev2 told us: “Build us a website that matches the leaps we are taking in software development.” So we did.


Users like consistency. It makes their experience of visiting a website far more comfortable. So we re-designed Dev2’s website and blog to include a consistent colour scheme and typography. Then we introduced illustrations, through the homepage and blog, to tie the design together and make the journey for the users engaging and enjoyable. The website is now maintained through an easy to use management system and responds gracefully to mobile. Hooray!

To impress the prospective programmers who read their blog, it was essential that the website responded smoothly down to tablet and mobile.