Shelley Residential

Branding / Design

In the hyper-competitive real estate industry where you’re differentiated by your branding, Shelley stands out.

"I literally left the initial brand pitch shaking. Nic totally surprised us with his unique concept. Thank you!"

Scott Allnatt

Co-Founder / Managing Director


Our client from Shelly Residential dreams big and his goal is to redefine the real estate industry. Oooo, yes please! We love to be involved in big dreams. He wanted a brand and website to echo this epic ambition. Named in memory of his late mom, Shelley Residential had to not only make people stop and take notice, but also reflect her personality.


The logo is a simple handwritten wordmark. The impact is made through the support art which is, quite literally, art. Shelley herself painted and the use of art as the essence of the brand rings true to her spirit.